What CRC®s Say

When asked how the CRC® Program increases their credibility as a retirement professional, and how the training helps them address the retirement planning needs of clients and retirement plan participants, CRC® Certificants say:

“The CRC® is acknowledged as a legitimate recognition of pertinent knowledge and a discipline of ongoing study.”

“The CRC® helps improve my credibility when talking about retirement related topics.”

“Others in my organization know they can look to me for answers to questions they have”.

“We all know that a certification is not a guarantee of competence, but it is a helpful way of saying that I have at least mastered a body of knowledge.”

“The breadth and depth of knowledge I gained through the CRC® program has helped me become a better advisor to my clients facing retirement plan issues.”

“It is a privilege to be able to say that I have this certification and it gives me credibility.”

“The knowledge I gained for the CRC® certification has greatly increased my ability to educate our members on what to expect in retirement and how our plan can best fit their needs.”

“The CRC® certification has enhanced my ability to attract prospects and has enabled me to articulate my specialization in retirement income planning.”

“The knowledge gained impacts most of my client appointments.”

“I have had certain clients that are more willing to discuss their retirement plans once they know I’m a CRC® advisor.”

“Being aware of the different communication styles of plan participants has helped me.”

“My CRC® training helps me almost every day in my dealings with Retirement Plans, Rollovers, and lifetime income planning.”

“I helped a soon-to-retire person look at bigger picture before looking at specific strategies and solutions.”

“I helped a soon-to-retire person look at bigger picture before looking at specific strategies and solutions.”

“Knowledge gained during the CRC® Certification process has helped me develop into a wellrounded retirement counselor.”

“I have on many occasions referred to retirement lifecycle stages. This has helped my clients address their income needs in early retirement vs. late retirement.”

“The CRC® curriculum addresses both quantitative and qualitative issues that affect retirement planning. It has reinforced and increased my confidence as I discuss retirement planning issues with clients and prospective clients. This knowledge has helped make conversations go more smoothly.”