NAGDCA’s Public Sector Defined Contribution Professional Development Resources

InFRE is proud to be NAGDCA’s trusted partner for providing the most effective and credible retirement-specific professional development, certification and certificate training courses designed specifically for public sector defined benefit and defined contribution plans.


The InFRE® Retirement Plan Administrator Training Series is tailored for the public sector audience. It will help you create, implement and maintain retirement programs that can best meet your specific employee population’s needs. This course material reflects the Pension Protection Act of 2006, as well as the final regulations that have been issued pertaining to 401(k) and 457(b) plans, model 403(b) regulations, and 409A nonqualified plan rules. It is designed to expand and test your knowledge of all types of retirement programs within the private and public sector that includes both federal tax law compliance issues and best practices within the industry.

We also provide a wide variety of professional development and continuing education courses for public plan administrators, trustees, and plan administration staff. Multiple delivery formats (live, elearning, ebook, audio, and print) for retirement counselors, administrators, trustees and employees will help you reach more people more cost effectively at a time when public plans are under pressure to reduce benefits and increase the utilization and productivity of education and counseling opportunities.

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Craig Downing

“Thanks to your valuable Retirement Plan Administrator Series… I have started my new career.”

Craig Downing, Executive Director
New Hampshire 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

Three Ways We Help NAGDCA Members with Professional Development

1.  Build Your Expertise with InFRE’s Retirement Plan Administrator Series

Are you looking for training and education on the design and administration of public sector primary and supplemental retirement plans?

InFRE’s Retirement Plan Administrator Series of courses were designed by current and past NAGDCA leadership to be the most in-depth and approachable stand-alone resource available today to help you or your staff understand the public sector employer’s role in the design, administration and communication of employer-provided retirement benefits. The series includes the following four core courses.

Remember, you can earn 15 CRC® CE credits per course completing the online exam for each of the InFRE® Retirement Plan Administrator courses.

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Four book print set – retail $550
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Print book and elearning combination – retail $625
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RPA Book Bundle

Retirement Plan Administrator courses can also be purchased separately to tailor your professional development needs:

Part 1: Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design: Covering history and legislative overview of retirement plans; explaining features and requirements of all types of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. Learn more here!

Part 2. Fundamentals of Investing: Discussing trustee-directed and participant-directed investments within retirement plans; explaining portfolio management theories, investment policy statements, risk and return, as well as selection and monitoring criteria.  Learn more here!

Part 3. Fundamentals of Plan Operations: Detailing plan administration and the role of an administrator; contracting for services; administration of distributions and special events; implementing changes to plan design; evaluating and monitoring the retirement plan. Learn more here!

Part 4. Fundamentals of Compliance and Ethics: Providing an overview of government regulations and reporting requirements; plan compliance in operation and form; IRS correction programs; role of independent professionals; ethics for administrators.  Learn more here!

Live Classroom Training is Also Available

Do you have more than 5 people who need more in-depth knowledge? NAGDCA members can receive 10% OFF THE ONE OR TWO-DAY LIVE version of these courses.

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2.  Better Understand Retirement Planning with InFRE’s Retirement Counseling Study and/or Certification Program 

As public pensions are scaled back and employees assume a larger share of funding their retirement, public employees will seek well-informed guidance on how to make informed decisions about when to retire, how to manage their retirement risks and income so that it lasts their lifetime while allowing them to enjoy the lifestyle they planned for.The new retirement environment will require public sector administrators, trustees, board members and retirement counselors to be more knowledgeable about the principles of retirement readiness, retirement income planning and income risk management. It will also be more important to understand the basics of all types of retirement plans – including defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid and more – to be better prepared to make plan design changes, as well as guide employees to make informed decisions.

BUY ALL FOUR COURSES AT THE SAME TIME AND SAVE! Learn more here, download order form for offline ordering, or purchase below now!

Four book print set – retail $450
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 The Certified Retirement Counselor® Study Program

InFRE’s Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) courses are a great investment in your retirement planning insight and professional development, even if becoming a CRC® isn’t required for your position. Used by over 60 retirement systems, the CRC® is fast becoming recognized as one of the most comprehensive and informative programs that meets the training needs of public sector retirement systems using primary or optional defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, or hybrid plans. The CRC® study guides were initially developed by a team of 75 highly-respected retirement practitioners – including NAGDCA leadership – in partnership with the academic guidance at Texas Tech University, one of the leading financial planning universities. Learn more here.

The Certified Retirement Counselor® certification and related professional development programs are endorsed by the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) and the National Pension Education Association (NPEA).

Certified Retirement Counselor® courses can also be purchased separately to tailor your professional development needs:

CRC® 1: Fundamentals of Retirement Planning – Course #1 provides techniques for understanding the broad variety of factors that can affect a client’s retirement goals. You will also learn methods for motivating and educating clients on the need to save for retirement.  Learn more here, or buy now!

Print version – retail $125

CRC® 2: Fundamentals of Investments – Course #2 teaches the basic investment concepts and terminology you need to help your clients with goal-appropriate investing.  Learn more here, or buy now!

Print version – retail $125

CRC® 3: Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design – Course #3 teaches you the concepts needed to guide your clients in maximizing assets within different types of retirement plans.  Learn more here, or buy now!

Print version – retail $125

CRC® 4: Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning – This guide presents a well-developed retirement planning process that encompasses the entire spectrum of retirement planning from the individual’s point of view of accumulation as a worker to distribution as a retiree.  Learn more here, or buy now!

Print version – retail $125

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3.  Help Employees Learn How to Manage Their Retirement Income

Designed to help you understand the what your employees need to do to make informed decisions about taking income from the employer-sponsored plans and other retirement assets, InFRE has released the revised and updated 2nd edition of The Retirement Professional’s Guide to Managing Retirement Income self study print version by Betty Meredith, CFA®, CFP®, CRC®, InFRE Director of Education and Research and Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CRC®, CEBS., InFRE’s Managing Director.

In addition to covering the valuable six-step process for Retirement Income Management found in the first edition, this version provides additional in-depth worksheets and a case study to help retirement counselors better understand how to teach employees how to make informed retirement income and risk management decisions.The Strategies for Managing Retirement Income Package includes:

    • 300-page print book, “The Retirement Professional’s Guide to Managing Retirement Income”
    • Case study and sample planning worksheets to reinforce application of the planning process
    • Online audio-visual elearning course

Prof Guide Course

Sessions and Book

Book only

Retirement Income Management Live Classroom and
Webinar Professional Development Courses

Do you have a group of more than five who need more in-depth knowledge? Live Course Instruction is available for all of the courses above! Call 847-756-7342 or email us today to learn more about how we can help you further develop your retirement administration knowledge and understand.